• Loan Servicing & Contract Servicing

    Loan Servicing & Contract Servicing

    Secure and reliable loan and contract servicing utilizing the latest technology to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and transparency.

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  • Cash Escrow & Document Escrow

    Cash Escrow & Document Escrow

    From M&As to leasehold deposits, Bankers Escrow facilitates the smooth execution of cash and document escrow arrangements.

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  • Digital Escrow & Software Escrow

    Digital Escrow & Software Escrow

    Digital deposits and physical deposits of intellectual property customized to meet your requirements and your client's need.

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  • Escrow Services for Veterans

    Escrow Services for Veterans

    Bankers Escrow provides escrow services for the administration of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grants and Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) grants.

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We Make Escrow Safe, Secure and Simple for You.

Since 1991, Bankers Escrow has provided safe and secure depository services between contractors, municipalities, property owners, lenders, borrowers or other parties requiring an impartial third-party professional escrow agent.  A trusted escrow agent, Bankers Escrow ensures completion of contract terms before funds, documents, physical or digital assets are released or transferred.  Bankers Escrow specializes in affordable customized escrow services with state of the art technology and escrow servicing software offering full principal, interest and tax reporting.


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Escrow Services for Veterans


You’ve done your duty.
Now it’s our turn!

Bankers Escrow supports veterans by providing escrow services for VA grants that adapt homes to the specific needs of disabled veterans.

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Impound Escrow Accounts – Easier for Buyers and Lenders

What is an impound escrow account?

What is an impound escrow account?

An impound escrow account is set up for a real estate

Section 1031: Vital to Pro-Growth Tax Reform

As Congress considers tax reform and potential areas of revision to the U.S. tax code, a section of the code that ought to be preserved is Section 1031,

Loan Servicing for Owner Carry Loans

Owner Carry Loans

It may come as a surprise to many that around 20% of home sales in the U.S. involve some form of an "owner-carry loan." Also called “seller financing” or “owner financing,” the term refers to the notion of a buyer of a property directly paying the

Five Questions to Ask When Selecting an Escrow Company

Five Questions to Ask When Selecting an Escrow Company

Choosing an escrow company to manage your escrow transaction requires some due diligence. An escrow is set up to protect all parties involved in a given transaction, and prior to signing a contract, it’s a good practice to verify the expertise, level of security and standards of customer service that you expect from the company that will be facilitating your escrow arrangement. 

There are many states that do not require the registration or licensure of escrow agents.  Knowing how and where your escrow funds, documents and proprietary information are being held is critical. The safety and security of funds through timely confirmation and verification of funds through electronic banking is a must for cash holding and loan servicing escrows.  Authentication of secure depositories for digital and software source code escrows in a secure environment is paramount.   

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