Cash Escrow & Document Escrow

Cash Escrow & Document Escrow

Cash escrow and document escrow…What is it?

Cash escrow and document escrow arrangements provide security and protection for all parties involved in commercial or individual transactions. Funds, documents and/or assets are held by a neutral third-party until all involved parties have fulfilled their obligations and the deal or commitments are complete.

Bankers Escrow facilitates the smooth execution of cash and document escrow arrangements.  Everyone involved in your transaction receives prompt and easy instructions, responsive call-backs, regular status updates, and outstanding customer service designed around your needs.

What cash escrow and document escrow services are provided?

Since 1991, Bankers Escrow has provided insured, professional third-party holding services for a wide variety of commercial and individual circumstances. From initial consultations with all stakeholders to final verifications of contract fulfillment, Bankers Escrow has handled escrow arrangements pertaining to almost every type of transaction imaginable including:

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Business sale transactions
  • Limited liability partnership offerings
  • Employment separation payments
  • Leasehold deposits
  • Lien or judgement payments
  • Personal property transactions
  • Vendor verification of cash funds
  • Construction draw escrow (including holdbacks, disbursements and build-out deposits)

With Bankers Escrow company, your escrow agreement is efficiently executed utilizing the latest technology to ensure transparency, communication and security throughout your escrow process. No matter how complex your transaction might be, the seasoned escrow agents at Bankers Escrow will successfully guide you every step of the way.

Which markets and industries are served?

Escrows designed to hold cash or documents are utilized by a variety of business and individuals including:

Attorneys & law firms Title companies
Residential construction Commercial construction
Real estate investors Oil, gas & energy
Mining & manufacturing Wholesale distributors
Small businesses Professionals
Government agencies Municipalities
Logistics & warehousing Transportation
Software & technology VA transactions
Private parties Mediators

Can these services be customized?

Your transaction is unique and so are your escrow needs. Trust Bankers Escrow company to tailor a custom cash holding escrow, asset holding escrow, or document holding escrow suited to your specific situation.

No matter how complex your escrow arrangement needs to be, Bankers Escrow can craft an ideal solution that suits all stakeholders. Whether it’s a complex cash-holding escrow that requires an interest-earning account, agreements with specific verification requirements, holdbacks or timed disbursements, Bankers Escrow can accommodate your specialized needs. The escrow agents at Bankers Escrow will take the time to listen to your needs and design an escrow arrangement that protects all parties and ensures a seamless transaction.

Contact Banker Escrow today for a custom solution to securely hold funds, documents or assets.

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